A fictional authoritarian government implements Humanitarian Eugenics. Low income adults who conceive children get extra taxes that year. High income adults who raise children get a tax break every year. The intent is to have more children in safer and more plentiful environments.

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I read the word "coelacanth" ONCE and now my idiot brain has been chanting "coelacanth and coelawon't" for the past 5 hours

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saw a robin. small birbd except LOUD

Overheard on the street: 'Our whole planet was about to be eaten by, like, swarms of flying insects...'

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if you are sad remember that Eddie Izzard exists taadaa now you are no longer sad

The Years of Rice and Salt makes me really really want to read the Quran.

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plants are good 🌱🌡🌿🌻🌼🌷🌺

Sally is short for Sarah, weirdly enough.

Does seasoning count as a non visual form of decoration?

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When you're explaining decentralization

Hypothetical military strategy for a large army:
1: Offer just and tempting terms of surrender.
2: Release intel and footage of the other army publicly. Put them and the harm they cause in the spotlight.
3: Track the damage done by the other army publicly. Escalate and deescalate exactly at the rate of proportionate retribution.
4: Pressure individuals where possible. Emphasize the death tolls of opposing soldiers.

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If Bob was a attack and not a hero, then Dva could absorb him with her particle barrier.

Call your political representatives and tell them what you think.

Presenting Monotonic Incrementalism:
A ideology of humanitarianism and caution.
The first priority is to increase the quality of life every decade.
The second priority is to ensure it never slides back.
This ideology chooses peace over justice, safety over recklessness. Anti-geoengineering, socially conservative, tolerant of slow change, intolerant of war.

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cosplaying nowadays is funny because

my wig: blonde
my actual hair: pink

There is a timeline where the largest religion is focused on writing predictions about your next reincarnation, storing them past your death, then having the temple compare them to the lives of youths, trying to find who your soul ended up in.

I've accessed facebook.com roughly 10 times this month.

@gingervitis I just realized Big D is here: doctorow@mamot.fr

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