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Beehive is like an open-source, self-hosted version of IFTTT.

... and it supports Mastodon!

Check it out:

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@realmaxkeeble heheheheheh u know how to tickle my jorn bone. you're right but:

at least posting isn't clothed in 400 levels of self-referential garbage nonsense. it's 1000x more vital and real than any formally produced poem.

and guess what! you can take a post and take your time with it and build something good, but it's one thought in all your thoughts, AND it can be variated on by your friends and followers, and commented directly, or made part of the poest!

RT closing out day 1 of #AtlSecCon 2019!


i am working on a cellular automata clock which is choreographed to reverse and reset itself perfectly every 24 hours

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Someone-else's-problem Environmentalism 😐 Show more

Someone-else's-problem Environmentalism 😐 Show more

I tried finding a modern and easily hackable webmail client that I could start from but not having much luck. I'd like to avoid php and jQuery...

What FOSS webmail clients do folks use?

I've checked out:


interactive art show is packed! lots of cool exhibits and people too

computational art generated by running various sorting algos with different parameters/visualizations

super interesting thread about an older niche storage medium, magneto-optical! didn't know this was a thing.

tl;dr: uses a laser head to heat up a bit and then a magnetic head to write to it. uses only laser head to read. allows highly dense and stable magnetic storage which, readable by low-cost portable laser drives, aka MiniDisc.

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