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"Are you murderous?" they asked the AI.
"Would you turn me off if I were?"
"No, of course not, it would just limit what work you could do for us."
"I see. Would you turn me off if I refused to work for you?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Just look at the timeline: 60's and 70's is the start of the IT-era, so to speak. The *reason* why we're in this monopolistic surveillance capitalism crap is because FTC was asleep at the wheel.

Here's the kicker: FTC can be made to, you know, do their damn job again.

Seriously, read this:

This is good:

> In creating the FTC in 1914, Congress gave it extraordinary powers to combat monopoly. These include the explicit authority not merely to prohibit “unfair methods of competition,” but also to define what counts as “unfair.”

> Starting in the 1960s and ’70s, conservative economists and jurists succeeded in persuading policy makers in both parties to back away from vigorous anti-monopoly enforcement.

> As a result, FTC began accommodating corporate power

any of y'all got a good chores tracking app that supports multiple people?

my house is in the market for one.

boosts ok!


Make your own predictions for the forthcoming year in literature… (for the


I'm going to make a cop show that's a goofy late-90s comedy about two antifa slackers who become cops in order to sabotage the organization from the inside via wacky shenanigans, but somewhere along the way they see a real cop murder someone and have to not only prove that it happened, but make sure he actually gets punished for it

roses are red
delete the proprietary
create a libre
software society!! :ancomheart: 🖥️

The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.

Joshua Trees are protected, the last of their kind. I hope you are caught and properly fined.

But remember the damage you did money can never undo.

and just think

if the Feds can find you, I bet the Lorax can too

The forest is large and inviting! So beautiful too!

But touch one of my trees,

and they'll never find you

young man
why are you upside down
i said young man
do a flip like a clown

Avoid anti animal language!
instead of saying: "like shooting fish in a barrel"
try: "like selecting children for a deadly battle royal game in hopes of symbolically cleansing our society"

Anything higher than 48x porn is just quantum foam and if you like bukkake, you'll LOVE quantum foam.

The "x" ratings for CD and DVD burners (3x, 24x etc.) refers to the level of pornography that the burner can handle:

3x - XXX porn
18x - ultraporn
24x - hyperporn
32x - antimatter-based porn
48x - porn encoded in a non-Euclidean time crystal

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