my children are prospering 😍🌱

tomatoes are growing their first flower clusters
dill is putting out first non seed leaves
lavender has germinated
strawberries are putting out lots of new growth

I'm a proud parent

interactive art show is packed! lots of cool exhibits and people too

computational art generated by running various sorting algos with different parameters/visualizations

newish friends!

on the left is oxalis triangularis, aka oxalis or false clover. it's a gorgeous edible perennial, and opens/closes its leaves every day.

on the right is the venerable aloe vera, needing no introduction. a tropical succulent used around the world for burn relief and moisturization, its leaves contain a gel also often added to drinks.

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"New tomato seedlings sprouting from a tomato fruit
Seeds germinating inside a tomato is called vivipary. It occurs in overripe fruit when seeds have reached maturity and the natural hormone, abscisic acid (ABA), is reduced. Then, seed dormancy is lost gradually. The tomato fruit allows vivipary since the seeds do not dry out in the moist environment inside the fruit."

Plants are astounding, with boundless possibilities and such zeal for life. Élan vital exemplified.


oh my God I love those fools so much
how do they manage to construct that elegant hexagonal cell half dome??
how do they manage to construct that elegant hexagonal cell half dome??
how do they know when to deploy it??
it's literally a cellular automata that assembles a structurally cohesive object
how did that EVOLVE Holy hell

living in a small Brooklyn apartment, I don't have much space to garden. luckily I have a nice roof with plenty of sunlight and rain for my children. not the best picture but I'll be sharing much more soon!


a ha ahh ah ahhaha hhahhaha so glad this is a completely unrealistic alternate universe imagine this was real guys ahahah haha hah

"I feel like my aesthetic makes ppl think I'm a twink sometimes but idc"

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