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Hey fediverse, I go by Dobry. I am Incredibly Online™️ and subsist almost entirely on information.

I'm relatively leftist in my politics, a strong believer in equal opportunities first and freedom second. Be prepared for lots of discussion on that front.

Very interested and excited about open and decentralized web infrastructure, please talk to me about this (and other things, but especially this)!

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I mostly share content and links I find interesting, but also post my photography, analysis of current events, projects i'm working on, and horrible 3am thoughts that should never leave the confines of my id. Sorry not sorry.

Oh, and I crosspost from other silos, and am planning on automating this to some degree. I know some of you don't like that, so, a warning.

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and humans are this fascinating and sad edge case of a species which has evolved an ability to create a secondary, prioritized set of processes which circumvent these mechanisms. and the second system is too fast to be subject to natural selection on a regulatory scale.

the more i read, the more i am amazed at how the multicellular collaboration of eukaryotes is coordinated. there are so many elegant mechanisms for group action, signalling, assessing, sharing resources.

new rule, if you're not cuddling me in bed you don't get to talk to me about the global cyberwar

imposing a $350 fine for awooing will simply create a system where awooing is basically legal for the wealthy. we call this class the Awoorgeoisie

a vending machine is simply an authoritarian fridge

hello fedi I'm back did you miss? no yall don't even know who I am but is fucking back. gunna redeploy all this on k8s and nyoom into the cloud native world

Fun fact: the debut Information Society album is older than public internet access, despite totally sounding like the internet.

@yang thanks for the follow, how do you justify your overly simplistic $1k UBI proposal knowing any realistic implementation will end up effectively making you a liar

my work slack is exactly what youd expect

"Just like the simulations." I say as Carol from Accounting cries on the other side of my desk

scene girls walked so Egirls could run

Unions 🤝 are a great place to find 🔎 people fighting 👊 against socialism ☭ . You cannot 🙅‍♂️ get more capitalistic 💵 than people pooling their resources ( their labor ⛏ , and skills 🤓) to increase 📈 their negotiation 🧐 power and build up 🚧 the middle class. Where socialism 😈 advocates a massive lower class working 👷‍♂️ while select elites IE politicians 🤵 live in luxury 💎.

Friday feelings with #FollowFriday 🍸 🍻

📔 @Carnet Carnet: Free open alternative to Google Keep

🏭 @olimex Olimex: Makers of open electronics

🛡️ @protonvpn ProtonVPN: Hides your metadata from your ISP

👾 @itchio Cool DRM-free indie games

🐉 @rpginabox RPG in a Box: Create your own voxel-style RPGs

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The best part of Vulture Airlines has to be their generous carrion policy.

Hello fellow elite hackers!
(Or as we say in the underground, l33t hax0rz)

As DEF CON wraps up and the weekend comes to a close, we return to our homes to rest, smoke some meats, and prepare for the week to come. All while basking in the memories we created together with dreams of the future we will create.

The greatest aspect about DEF CON is that each of us has a vastly unique experience, due to the massiveness of the conference itself and the opportunities for adventure that the surrounding area has to offer. Some may never leave the casino floors except to attend a few notable talks, other are there only to prove their skills to be crowned champion of the greatest CTF competition in world, while a few like myself will spend their time in the desert hunting the most dangerous game.

By far, one my favorite parts of DEF CON this year was the Biohacking Village, though I maybe slightly bias since we were there testing out and showing off our awesome new tech, Nano Drops. For those of you that haven’t heard, Nano Drops is a test product from Facebook that uses ground breaking nanotechnology to bridge the gap between water molecules and social media. Amazing stuff!

We were able to produce some outstanding test data at this years DEF CON, by deploying Nano Drops in the water supplies of Vegas. I must say, the feedback from all of you was impressive! It showed us that with a large enough Nano Drop deployment, we no longer need to rely on likes, status updates, and text input for data points. Even more amazing, when we compared the data gathered from the Nano Drops to conversations and status updates, it showed us that what citizen users truly feel and think often greatly differs from what they are willingly share and how they present themselves on social media. No more holding back, guys!

I know some of you may have concerns about us sharing your data with third-parties, but trust us. Our track records should be more than enough to show that your secrets are safe with us. Also, as a special thanks to everyone one that took part in this test deployment, you will be credited Libra for your participation. Minus materials and labor costs.

Another small thing to note, if you’re feeling headaches, tension in your arms, and brief loss of vision, don’t worry! It should go away in 6 to 8 weeks.

See you at next years DEF CON, l33t hax0rz! And remember, HACK THE PLANET! And 71% of the planet is water!

#defcon #infosec #crypto #cryptocurrency #water

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